On Hiatus

Anyone following this blog, and who didn’t know better, had probably given me up for dead…yes, I am aware that, under the circumstances, that statement might be in poor taste…but it’s my blog and I’ll be obtuse if I want to…have I given you an earworm??

Anyway, back to the point.  As you’ve probably already deduced, I’m not dead.  Rather, I’ve been on something of a forced hiatus, while I battled with Sky Broadband (other, less fickle, internet providers are available) to have my own website, written entirely by me, unblocked due to it’s content.  I was basically being protected from my own mind, which is fucking hilarious.  I’m sure others may have had much more timely success with this measly task, but I’m someone who often considers brushing my teeth to be an achievement.  Earlier today, however, I finally beat down the previously unmovable ‘Broadband Shield’ and found my way back…watch this space.






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