The Simple Things In Life

As some of you may know, I recently went on holiday for a week.  This was a HUGE step for a couple of reasons; it’s the first time I’ve been well enough for a holiday in around 7 years, and part of the reason I decided to go where I did was to meet a family who have been/are a massive part of my story, and my recovery from Mental Illness.

While on holiday, I was struck by the simplicity of some of the things in which I found pleasure, or that made me smile/laugh…and, yes, I did laugh (‘Did you laugh?’ was a question my GP asked earlier this week).  Here are some of those things:

The sun on my face.

The wind on my face.

The beach…or, given that I live by the sea, a different beach.

A squirrel jumping from the highest branches of one tree to the highest branches of another.

Kicking a ball around in the park (the family I mentioned above have young children).

Mr Whippy ice cream (though I think I may have quite quickly satisfied the pang of nostalgia that made me indulge in this particular genetically modified confectionery).

A nightcap and a board game with my Mum and Dad.

The night time silence of a village only an hour or so from London.

The first cup of tea of the day, in bed, reading and knowing ‘reality’ was 500 miles away.

None of these things were remotely costly, but that’s the point.  When you’ve been to where I have, and if you’re lucky enough to survive (although I haven’t always considered it ‘lucky’), you re-evaluate what matters in life…and money, high-flying careers, material possessions, expensive holidays…no thanks.  I’ll have my health, and the simple things in life any day.




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