Laying The Past To Rest

On Tuesday, I saw the GP for a review appointment.  As ever, he was exceptionally kind and helpful; he said there was something about me that makes him “want to invest time in me” and that he feels he’s “starting to understand me”.

At this point, I’m going to cut a long story short and say that we talked a bit about the past, and how (un)helpful it is for me to spend long periods of time dissecting events in my life on which the present has no bearing.  We talked about emotions that rise in me when I consider the events that may or may not have contributed to the situation in which I now find myself.  And we agreed that, in order to move forward, I need to start coming to terms with, and letting go of, the things that haunt me most.

There is far too much there for this one post, but I thought I’d write a series of posts in an effort to address the past and erase some of the influence it has over my life today.  Please bear with me – it probably won’t be an easy exercise!


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