Eating (Or Drinking) The Rainbow

So one thing I mentioned a couple of posts back, was that I intended to start working a bit harder on my diet and what I do/don’t put into my body.  To this end, and with all the usual encouragement from my best friend/cousin, I have made it my mission to drink at least one smoothie per day…a mission that I’ve upheld for a week so far.

My GP tells me that I should aim to ‘eat the rainbow’ every day to be sure that I’m getting all the nutrition my body needs.  Thus far, I’ve found making a smoothie the best way to do this.  First, I find it much more agreeable to swallow liquid than to chew solid food.  And second, I can make them (courtesy of a neat little blender) in the same cup from which I drink them, limiting the mess/hassle.

My preferred (breakfast) recipe is as follows:


2 tbsp. Natural Yogurt

2tbsp Porridge Oats

Strawberries (red)

Banana (yellow)

Blueberries (blue/indigo end of the spectrum)

If I eat some salad (green) with my lunch and evening meal, I reckon I’ve made a good start.  I know that drinking rather than chewing isn’t ideal, and that I need to be careful to only supplement rather than replace my current intake of solid food, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.



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