The Closest We’ve Come

If you follow this blog, you’ll be aware that my Sister had a beautiful baby boy on Wednesday of last week.

Over the weekend, as the pain relief finally left her system, and hormones took its place, she was feeling weepy and a bit low.  She really is doing an amazing job; she loves her little boy, and is a joy to watch as she so naturally navigates her way around becoming a mother for the first time…so it was nothing more than standard Baby Blues.

However, yesterday, feeling brighter and a little stronger, she said something to me that I’ve been holding on to ever since.  She told me that she’d been given multiple gifts that she’d previously ‘had no interest in opening’ that she ought to take a look at.  I think that’s possibly the closest she’s ever been to walking in my shoes, albeit fleetingly.

I’d like to use those words at some point, to explain to her what my life is like.  That there are periods where I have ‘no interest’.  Currently, I have no interest in tidying the small space in which I live, so its getting more and more chaotic by the day.  I have no interest in studying for an exam now less than two weeks away.  I can’t remember when I last fed my fish, because I have no interest in them.  I have no interest in watching much, reading much, eating much…

So, although very brief, my Sister and I may have a mutual understanding that wasn’t there before.


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