What Is Better?

I’ve not posted this week, so thought I’d take this opportunity to give a general update.

Recently, things have been going better.  It’s difficult to quantify ‘better’…what is better when, two months ago, I wrote a post suggesting a vague notion of suicide?

Better is to have not self-harmed since January.

Better is to be a little more independent, to drive my car and attend appointments under my own steam.

Better is to be vigilant about taking my medication, and making sure I go to bed at a reasonable time.

Better is to have maintained my weight this week.

Better is still being on track to complete an OU module this coming May, and to be thinking of the next I might like to study.

Better is having plans to take my Mum out for coffee tomorrow, with it being Mother’s Day this weekend.  I can’t remember the last time I went out for coffee with my Mum.

Better is to be able to listen to my cousin, who also happens to be my best friend, and who has done the same for me on occasions too many to count.

Better is to be able to enjoy the company of my elderly next door neighbour, who has an understanding far beyond what one might expect from her generation, and who has the most wonderful gift for relating a story!

Better is to gain enjoyment from reading, and listening to music.

Better is to be running on the sand with Henry.

Better is to be tearful with exhaustion, the exhaustion caused by the effort it takes to motor on each day.



3 thoughts on “What Is Better?

  1. All those things are showing so much progress.
    CONGRATULATIONS on the self harm! That is an amazing achievement! As I know from my own experience
    And I know how much you have struggled with your OU course the past few months, so the fact that you are expecting to finish the module by May is amazing!!!

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