#EDAW2016: Wednesday

Having pledged on Monday to post each day of Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) 2016, I let the side down on day 2 – but not because I’d already forgotten about EDAW.  On the contrary, I though of little else but my own issues with food yesterday.

Specifically, my Sister and I had a long overdue chat during which I disclosed every shameful little detail of my current battle – right down to the chaos involved in an episode of binging/purging.  To be so frank and candid is unlike me, but something tells me that I can’t overcome this alone…and I really do want to overcome it.

I needn’t have feared.  My Sister wasn’t repelled, or disgusted.  Heck, she wasn’t even especially surprised.  We talked and talked, about food and everything else.  We planned a way forward, or the first few steps at least.  We came up with a couple of longer term goals, a sort of graded exposure if you like, or an elephant in bite-sized chunks.

I’m glad EDAW made sure that my own problems are at the forefront of my mind, and not just something else I step over, or skirt around, every day.  I’m glad I’ve read so many inspiring stories that have made me stop and acknowledge my difficulties.  I’m glad I confided in my Sister because, no matter how irritating it might become, I can’t fight this without someone on my back, needling me, giving me permission to eat.



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