Memory Malfunction

I’ve always been quite proud of my memory.  I could always retain dates and times in my head…ok, well, with the exception of a certain persons birthday, which eludes me almost every year (sorry, Louise!).

Lately, though, I remember nothing.  I have conversations I can’t recall,  I think I’ve had conversations when I haven’t, I forget dates and times of appointments, I frequently order the wrong prescriptions at the wrong time and run out of meds (and then cause mayhem at the surgery as the duty Doctor attempts work out what I do need).  I mentioned this to my CPN this morning, who pointed out that I’m on substantial doses of some quite major medication and that I’m not a very big person.  So my memory impairment is likely (yet another) side-effect.

Something I’ve found useful, and for which I have my study-skills mentor to thank, is to keep a daily planner in which I write a list of things I must do and to prioritise tasks using a ‘red/amber/green’ system:


Things that need doing on a specific day (appointments, for example), are marked in under the relevant day and given red priority.  Amber coded tasks need done within a couple of days and green coded tasks are less urgent.

This may seem rather straightforward, simplistic even, but it helps…I guess there’s nothing wrong with admitting that my mind isn’t what it once was.  Oh, and, given that my life consists mainly of MH-related appointments and studying, there’s lots of free space for doodling!!






5 thoughts on “Memory Malfunction

  1. It’s so frustrating. I wrote a similar post last week. What I’ve learned to do is set an alarm on my computer and cell phone for everything I need to do no matter how mundane the task. I guess my biggest challenge is remembering to set the alarm.


  2. Hmmm… you do get my sympathy. The memory is a peculiar thing with and without meds. I’ve not taken meds for a couple of years now but find recalling something from ten – or even twenty – years ago much easier than something from 2 days ago.

    The Daily Planner is a good idea to keep track of things to do. I have one on my mobile phone which I’d be lost without. I also write a diary/journal to keep track of what I’ve done each day since I forget days so quickly now so at least I have a record of the days I can’t remember!


  3. I have so much trouble keeping up with a schedule but I must have one to keep up with everything! I’ve been using google calendar. A few weeks ago, my internet went out and I was lost, so lost. I need to write it down like you!!!


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