Top Ten…

I received a book of (1200) writing prompts for Christmas last year and, having not been well for much of December and January, I only really opened it to have a look a couple of days ago.  It is packed with ideas for fiction/personal writing/poetry, which got me thinking outside the box a little.  What I mean is, there is much more to me than my struggle with Mental Illness, and maybe its time I started incorporating some bits and pieces of that into this blog.  With that in mind…

I’m a massive fan of US TV.  Here are my top-ten shows, but not in any order, along with some words on what I love about each:

  1. The West Wing – the acting, just the acting…
  2. The Sopranos – the subtle, sarcastic, beautifully delivered humour/dialogue.
  3. The Wire – I read that this is one of the most true-to-life American Police Dramas ever made; it paints a dismal picture of the Baltimore Underworld but I was hooked from the beginning.
  4. Breaking Bad – the partnership that is Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul.
  5. Mad Men – the scenery, the costumes, the history woven perfectly into the storylines.
  6. Sons of Anarchy – am I allowed eye candy?
  7. Prison Break – T-Bag
  8. Lost – Sawyer…yes, I like the antihero!
  9. The Killing (US-version) – a harrowing, atmospheric whodunit that kept me guessing all way through (seasons 1 and 2).
  10. Bloodline – A thriller I happened upon on Netflix that starts at the end.

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