Occupational Therapy…

I was recently referred to Occupational Therapy, a referral I was feeling positive about.  I hoped, among other things, that it would provide me some assistance in getting back on my feet, help me introduce a bit more activity into my routine, better organise my days, to allow for OU study, Art, Writing…

I met my OT several weeks ago.  Well, that’s not strictly true because I knew her from having attended a couple of different groups in the past.  So, to correct myself, we started working on a one to one basis several weeks ago.  I know she had met with the other members of my care team prior to meeting with me and it seems, on putting their heads together, they decided a Yoga/Pilates class would be a good thing for me.  It would be gentle exercise, and it would tie in with the Mindfulness/Compassion Focussed Therapy I’m working on with my Psychologist.

She came to see me armed with timetables for the local Leisure Centre and suggested that we pay it a brief visit such that we might make further enquiries.  We did this on Monday, and the plan is that we go back in a couple of weeks and have a coffee in the cafeteria…a sort of graded exposure, if you like.  But here is the thing.  I have, nor have I ever had, any interest in something like Yoga/Pilates.  I was a keen runner at one point, but I’m not permitted to participate in any cardio-related exercise (like running) due to issues I have with food.

The longer this goes on, the more I go with the flow and comply with what people ask of me, the deeper the hole I find myself in.  I feel I’m being slightly railroaded and, at the same time, don’t want to string people along, or waste precious time.  Frankly, I’m feeling pretty stressed with life in general at the moment, and could do without any undue added pressure.  My Mum advised me to call the OT and ‘fess up’, let her know Yoga/Pilates is not something I want and could we (instead of going back to the Leisure Centre on our next appointment) sit down and have a chat.  Are there any alternatives?  Is there anything else she can offer?

Creative Writing is something that interests me, and is far enough removed from my Science-based OU studies to be considered extra-curricular, I think.  Heck, I won’t even go to my Sister’s to eat, or leave the house after a certain time of day.  Maybe this is something we should work on before anything more intensive.  In any case, it continues to agitate me, and probably will until/if I ever get around to making that phone call.


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