Music To The Rescue (Again)

My mood has taken it’s usual Friday dip today.  I struggle to cope with weekends; extra people, family dinners, more activity.  I therefore tend to feel low and a bit anxious on a Friday in anticipation of the coming two days.  Today, I’ve felt tearful, but haven’t allowed myself to cry, I’ve battled quite explicit compulsions, I’ve done my best to stay safe.  I was walking home from my Cousin’s house, who is my go-to person, not only on off days…she has, over time, become the most loyal, trusted friend I’ve ever had and I like spending time with her regardless of how I’m feeling….

Anyway, I was walking home with my earphones in (sort of a life-support system for ‘the outside’) with Simon and Garfunkel singing beautifully, albeit a little depressingly, in my ears and on comes the song ‘At The Zoo’…the first thing all day to make me smile with meaning.  If you don’t know the song, here it is:

The final verse, in particular makes me laugh.  Check it out.


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