Adult Self-Harm: A Secret World of Pain

This is an article written by expert Pooky Knightsmith, who also battles daily with her own MH:

I wish I could reach out to as many people as this, because it’s so, so important that people learn to understand adult SH.  It is a real problem, and those who suffer must not be afraid to speak out for fear of judgement, or that people (wrongly) think of it as a phase experienced by moody teenagers.  I never suffered SH as a child or adolescent but it has blighted, disrupted, wrecked, to be frank, my entire adult life.


5 thoughts on “Adult Self-Harm: A Secret World of Pain

  1. There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding self harm, I agree. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve suffered so badly. I’m a teenage girl, and I’ve suffered hugely with self harm, so I’m also on the receiving end of society’s bullshit 🙂 x

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    1. It’s an excellent article that deserves to be shared.

      I really am passionate about raising awareness of SH in adults, but there are only so many blog posts one can write without sounding like a stuck record. What would be really awesome would be for a larger publication to pick up on this story and help us shout loud…I guess maybe the statistics don’t do it justice when compared to those for younger people…?


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