An Afternoon Out

I don’t often remove  myself from my (very tiny) comfort zone, but my Mum has been off work all week and asked if I fancied a day out somewhere today.  A full day seemed a bit too much, so we had lunch at home and then drove (with my Dad) to Dumfries House, a local estate open to the public with some beautiful walks and stunning walled garden.

It’s close enough that we could be there and back in a couple of hours and, to be honest, it probably did me some good!  I also took advantage of some of the many excellent photo opportunities, in the hope that I can use some of my pictures as references in my art.

Have a look at this:


I will admit to having no clue as to the species of either flower here (answers on a postcard, please).  But I thought it was a great metaphor for Mental Illness, the single blue flower being alone in a crowd, just as I (and I’m sure many more of you) feel a lot of the time.  However (and it took a friend to point this out), both species are equally beautiful.  Just because the blue flower is solitary amongst the sea of pink, doesn’t make it any less beautiful.  It’s unique, yes, as many of us are, but it’s still pretty.

I guess the upshot of this is that, yes, we can feel utterly alone, bereft, abandoned.  We can feel so desperately isolated.  But we still have worth, we’re still attractive to someone, we still have our quirks and nuances that make us individuals.


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