Dragon’s Loyalty Award

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Write 5 facts about yourself

Nominate 5-10 bloggers

So I want to thank Jen over at jenasauruswake for nominating me for this award.  If you don’t read her blog, then you should…so go and do it now (or read mine first, and then go over to Jen’s, lol).  I don’t always participate in these ‘award posts’ but, for lack of anything sensible to write about recently, I’m doing this one.  But I’m going to cheat and use facts about myself that I used on a similar post a while back:

Five Things About Me:

  1. I’m an avid Stephen King fan.  I’ve read most of his books at least once, and I’ve read several (including his two epics ‘It’ and ‘The Stand’) multiple times.  It’s hard to say whether this has contributed to my MH difficulties or not.
  2. I love ‘The Sopranos’ and have watched all six seasons (from start to finish) three times.  My favourite character is Uncle Junior and I’m still grieving for James Gandolfini.
  3. I have walked all 95 miles of The West Highland Way, a long-distance footpath in the West Highlands (obviously) that runs from Milngavie in the South to Fort William in the North.  I did it with a friend, it took us seven days and it never stopped raining for the last four.  I’ve never been so wet.
  4. I once got locked in a toilet cubicle in Buchanan Street Bus Station in Glasgow.  I waited, but no help came so I had to climb over the top into the next cubicle.  I bet whoever watched that on CCTV enjoyed themselves!
  5. I have a small tropical aquarium.  I got it as a birthday present a couple of years ago.  It was meant as a project, something to focus on, but relaxing at the same time.  It has been the opposite of relaxing.  It took a long time for me to get it established to a point that fish could thrive in it.  When the water level drops below a certain point, the filter malfunctions and makes the most horrendous noise.  More than once, this has woken me through the night.  I probably would have had less of a fright had I awoken to a shoutgun in my face.

And the blogs I want to nominate:

1. Strong Enough to Break.  The wit and talent for recounting stories in this blog have to be unmatched anywhere else.

2. Nerd in the Brain.  There’s something for everyone in this superbly maintained blog.

3. Borderline Functional.  I wish Aimee would realise how smart she is, how much she has to offer.

4. Mental Illness Talk.  Inspirational, determined, passionate, intelligent, relentless…all while battling hard against a vile illness.

5. BethCanReflect.  Over the last year, Beth has become one of my best friends.  Despite never having met, I feel like we’ve known one another all our lives.  She rarely posts these days, which is a shame, because her style of writing, the honesty with which she literally pours her heart out on to the page must be so therapeutic for her, albeit heart-breaking for us to read.  But there’s something about the way she continually, time after time, picks herself up, dusts herself down and keeps on fighting, that makes it impossible for me to give up my own fight.


5 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

    1. Oh, do you like The Sopranos? It’s easily the best thing American TV has ever produced (in my opinion, anyway). I love the scene where Tony tells Bobby he needs to start eating more salad…Am I going overboard…? I could probably act out all six seasons from start to finish, lol.

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