MH First Aid Kit

First off, I want to express my apologies to all of those whose blogs I normally read religiously.  I’ve been having a rough time and have a partial coping strategy in writing.  Each time I open WordPress to read, I end up writing instead.  I promise, I WILL catch up with you all soon!

If you follow this blog, you’ll know from a previous post that I was feeling a bit doubtful when it comes to the ‘Compassion Focussed Therapy’ (CFT) which I am currently engaged in.  Yesterday I managed, with a degree of difficulty, to communicate this to my Therapist.  To my surprise she agreed that, from a physical point of view, I wasn’t really in very good shape, nor was I mentally stable enough to be able to participate in the daily practice that such ‘High-Intensity Psychology’ required.

So we went back to basics.  We discussed my Crisis Plan and the possibility that I might create a ‘MH First Aid Kit’ that I could keep close by and turn to in times of desperation.  So this is what I have done:


In here are a variety of objects that should quickly distract me from any serious urges:


I keep a scrap book, so that when friends like Beth, or Verity send me things through the post, or when my Cousin’s Boys give me a Thank You card, or a photograph, I can glue them into my book and decorate the pages with patterned tape, stickers or doodles of my own.  I’ve stopped adding to the book for now and am putting anything relevant into my box, so that it should provide me with something not too challenging to do should I find myself approaching crisis.

I also have a Rubik’s Cube, puzzle books, a colouring book and pens.  These all help keep my hands busy.

Some of the sensory items include a couple of scented candles/Yankee Candle melts for my burner, some Play-Doh and a silky ticket cut from a piece of clothing which I like to rub with my fingers.

Items and strategies not in the box are a fleecy blanket and my iPod (which is usually in my ears anyway, lest I stop breathing!), a cup of tea (works most of the time, but don’t tell the CT!) and the knowledge that I can call my CPN/Duty Nurse or my Cousin, or that I could go Next Door for some company.  Finally, I can always call on my Twitter/FB/Virtual Family, without whom I doubt I’d still be going today.

…out of interest, what would you put in your own MH First Aid Kit?


5 thoughts on “MH First Aid Kit

  1. I love this, I’ve seen a few people creating these, I fear mine would be quite bare! I’m not a creative person and I find artistic endeavours extremely frustrating and not therapeutic! Even colouring drives me nuts!

    I turn to music and walking when I need distraction, or my journal which like my iPod is glued to me at all times anyway so i can write whenever the mood takes me.

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