Writing Prompts

Despite having lost my writing mojo a little, I’m keen to keep this blog running while I find my feet again.  I therefore (having seen something similar on the blog of Strong Enough To Break (highly recommended read, if you don’t already follow her) have decided to open it up a little to my readers.  Is there anything you’d like to know more about? Can you think of any MH writing prompts?

I’d welcome (within reason, lol) anything from anyone…leave me a comment and, with any luck, I’ll be knocking posts out more regularly again soon.


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompts

  1. * where it all began
    * my hopes for the future
    * medication – good or bad
    * talking therapies – different types
    * what is mindfulness
    * what is resilence
    * CBT – good or bad
    * what is art therapy
    * pieces about what different professionals in mental health do
    * teaching about mental health in schools / at university / at work
    * what to do if you think your “sister” self harms/has eating disorder/has depression etc, including signs
    * something about responses to mh by young (e.g. teenagers) and old (elderly)
    * How has society’s view of mh/treatment of mh changed over last 100 years
    * in a perfect world mh services would look like…

    Any good?

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