The Fog

Today has been an odd sort of a day.  I can’t put my finger on any particular trigger, but I’m feeling quite dissociated, separate, and not really of myself.  I feel like I’m seeing everything through a haze, and I’m running on autopilot.  This would all be fine, it’s nothing I haven’t experienced before and I know it will pass.  But it’s a bit more sustained than anything I’ve endured before, and I’ve done a couple of strange things, driven, it would seem, by some external force.

I know I need to talk this through with someone.  I have a meeting with my CPN scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, but I also have a missed call from the CMHT number, so I’m fully expecting her to cancel our appointment.  There is no contingency plan; I have no further (one-to-one contact) planned until June.

Anyway, I’m sorry there is no real point to this post, that I haven’t (as I like to do) worked through my thoughts/emotions and come to some kind of analytical conclusion.  I just wanted to empty my head a little.


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