Blogging For Mind

Initially, this (anonymous) blog was my own private space, where I might vent otherwise pent up emotion unimpeded by thoughts of who I may upset.  It functions well for this purpose, but it has also introduced me to some pretty amazing people.  Some of these have become friends within the MH community on Twitter, and others write some awesome blogs of their own (found here, and here).

Probably most of you will be aware that I had a blog post published on the earlier this week.  Not only was I surprised that Mind decided to publish my piece, I was equally surprised that people thought it good enough to share and was worthy of comment.  I deliberately chose a…pausing here to activate my life support system (iPod)…what was I saying…?  Yeah, I deliberately chose a vaguely ‘universal’ topic to write about, because I wanted to reach as many people as possible…I didn’t want it to be specific to any one diagnosis.

I was further surprised that not only did it appear that I had touched some people but that I, too, felt less alone, and reassured by some of the feedback I received.  It gave me a sense of achievement that I thought had gone forever, and motivated me to continue to write, in the hope that I can make a difference.  I really believe that the wall of stigma around MH can be broken down, that people can be educated, and I would love a hand in making that happen.

I guess it only remains for me to thank Mind for giving me the opportunity to ‘speak’ to a wider audience and for their hand in giving me a much needed boost this week, however brief that might prove to be.

I should also add that, since the post was written, I have been cleared of any type of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and diagnosed with an Anxious and Avoidant Personality Disorder, it being a ‘disorder’ on the basis that it prevents me from functioning ‘normally’.


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