3: A Crowd, Or a Magic Number?

TW: contains mild references to self-harm.

Following on from my previous post, Taken For a Ride, I spent this morning in A&E receiving treatment for yet more self-inflicted wounds.  As a result, I was a bit unsure about attending my Art Therapy class (see also idrawtoforget.wordpress.com) this afternoon.  However, upon facing the afternoon stretching out before me, with no idea where to put myself, I decided it would do no harm to go along, knowing I could leave at any time should I feel the need.

When I arrived, a little late, I found only another two people (plus the tutor) in the classroom.  To my surprise, I found my feet quite quickly, felt a little more confident in my work and chatted quite freely with both the tutor and the other students.  I stayed for the whole class.  I felt safe and less alone.  I like being with people who face similar challenges to my own.  The low attendance certainly works in my favour.  In summary, I’m glad I made the effort to go.

Now, back home, reality has hit once again.  I get little peace from my own mind, intrusive thoughts torment me, and I look forward to bedtime but not to waking up tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “3: A Crowd, Or a Magic Number?

  1. I’m glad to hear you attended A&E to get your wounds seen to. You deserve the help and care! ❤
    I'm also happy art class provided a moments respite from the tormenting reality you're experiencing. I love seeing your art posts – you're gifted and inspirational! I can feel your emotion in all that you post.
    Take care of you and message me if I can ever help in any way! xx

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