TW: contains a mild reference to self-harm.

For the past two days, I’ve been struggling with poor concentration.  I’ve been unable to focus on any one thing for any length of time…reading, drawing, watching TV/films, crosswords…anything I’d normally enjoy is beyond me at the moment.  I’m very agitated, I fidget easily and keep finding myself clawing at my skin which seems to be crawling with some microscopic organism, invisible to the eye.  Urges to SH are powerful, and difficult to fight.  I feel paranoid and suspicious, imagining that people fall silent when I enter a room.

I don’t think there is any particular reason for this state of preoccupation in which I find myself.  The Easter weekend has unsettled me a little; I never fare well amongst a lot of people, noise, food and other such triggers.  But, other than, that, there is nothing I can put my finger on.  I can only hope it passes soon.


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