I Draw To Forget

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I recently discovered Art (or, more specifically drawing) as a form of therapy.  It is the first time in years that I have managed to occupy my hands and mind in tandem, and for prolonged periods of time.  As such, I was recently referred to an Art Therapy course facilitated by my CMHT.  I admit that it has taken a few weeks of perseverance, but I am slowly getting to grips with it.  The class is held at the local college, so I found it tricky having to negotiate long corridors teeming with other students and a seemingly infinite number of classrooms.  I also had to adjust to being in a classroom environment, with a tutor and other students.  But it is a small class (there have never been more than 5 of us there at once) and I feel a sense of safety at being among people with similar difficulties to my own, and under the guidance of an experienced teacher (he works solely with either MH patients or people with Learning Difficulties).  One of the OTs attached to the CMHT also drops in for part of each 2-hour class.

In addition to attending these classes, I’ve been spending a lot of my own time drawing, doodling, zentangling and colouring.  I can easily pass hours at a time while working on an ‘art project’ and find that it helps stop my mind from ticking over quite so quickly.  I feel relaxed as I draw or colour and have enjoyed getting to grips with different media (despite a fear of colour, lol), working out what I enjoy and what I don’t.

Since Art seems to be one of the few things that has a positive impact on my MH at the moment, I though it might be a good idea to get another blog up and running.  Through this, I intend to share some of my own work, that of other (more able!) people and anything else that might crop up along the way.  I hope, too, that running a second blog will give me something else to focus on, thereby increasing the productivity of my (often quite lonely) days.

I aim for idrawtoforget.wordpress.com to run parallel to this one, not instead of.  I sense the battle with my own mind is far from over, but I’m glad to have found something that alleviates my struggle, even for a brief time.

Anyway, I hope you’ll all use the links above to check it out.  If you’re patient, it should take shape over the coming weeks.


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