climbED: Low Weight Pictures Don’t Raise Awareness For Eating Disorders

I’m re-blogging this post in response to a video posted earlier by @CharitySANE in a well-meaning attempt to campaign for ‘Eating Disorders Awareness’ week.
The video aims to denounce the use of pro-Anorexic websites, and features Fearne Cotton discussing the hideous effects of such sites with Marjorie Wallace, founder of SANE…but all the while, a computer screen in the background is displaying some of the most shocking images I have ever seen (and I’ve had Anorexia). It seems to me that, in addition to condemning such websites, they are also giving them ‘air-time’ as well as potentially triggering the most vulnerable of sufferers…who have logged on to the website or Twitter feed of a ‘safe’ charity ( or @CharitySANE) in a desperate attempt to find help and support.

Mental Illness Talk

I blogged about this topic on The Huffington Post:

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