Art Therapy

Tomorrow afternoon I will be attending an Art Therapy class facilitated by my CMHT.  While this fills me with anxiety, fear and trepidation, I recognise that this is part of what is referred to as graded exposure.  I admit that I spend too much time alone, that the number of people with whom I am comfortable on a social level is too small.  For a while now, I’ve been using drawing as part of my Wellness Recovery Plan.  What’s more, I find that it does ease my anxiety somewhat; it keeps my hands busy and my mind distracted.

Thus, my care team have organised for me to join the aforementioned class.  My MH dictates that going to new places and meeting new people is nigh on impossible.  However, I am to meet one of the OTs (whom I know from attending other groups) beforehand and she will take me to the classroom and introduce me to the tutor.  She has assured me that he knows I am coming and he is looking forward to meeting me (he may be disappointed, lol).  From what I understand, she also pops in halfway through the session to ensure that all is well.  So I do have something of a safety net.

I owe it to others, and to myself, to give this a try.  Who knows, it may be something I find I can stick with (having failed at previous attempts to join groups or attend drop-in centres).  I’ve only been messing around with my drawings so far, copying original pieces and using nothing more than drawing pencils/pens.  It might be interesting to learn to work with different materials, or create my own work…I won’t know unless I dip my toe in.  Wish me luck!

These are three of my latest drawings.  All of the originals are by Kerby Rosanes.

005 014 005


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