My Favourite Blogs

Given that I have a few faithful readers, and that I receive the occasional positive comment, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the blogs I read and enjoy:

Firstly, there is the blog by Charlotte Walker to be found at  This is a blog about life with Bipolar Disorder.  I don’t have this illness myself but, from what little understanding I’ve managed to glean through reading and chatting to others with the disorder, this blog paints a perfect picture of what life with Bipolar is like.  There are posts that reflect the dangerous hypomania and posts that reflect the debilitating depression, all written with candour and, sometimes brutal, honesty.  But the ones I gain most from are the ones written when Charlotte is “only a bit ill!” (her own words).  A seasoned service-user with detailed knowledge of the inside workings of a system which is, at times, almost impossible to navigate, she is someone I admire greatly.  She has a ‘way-in’ that many don’t, she can reach out to the right people and she looks out for people who can’t always hold their own in the, at times, unforgiving world of social media.  If you want to be informed, this is one of the best MH blogs there is.

Secondly, there is written by Rose Wiltshire.  This is a deep, subtle and thought-provoking account of someone living with Mental Illness in its many guises.  The wording is invariably beautiful and I find many posts similar in form to a common exercise in CBT, where we are given a difficult thought and taught to challenge and eventually overcome it.  Sometimes there are poems, which I like to read over and over again until I think I’ve grasped the deeper meaning.  I always look forward to Rose’s posts, mainly because you never know what you’re going to get…and she’s such a warrior.

I’ll group third and fourth together because, in my mind, they have similar purposes.  Both Beth at and Ladybird Donna at write blogs which are nothing short of huge outpourings of emotion.  I have cried real tears at some point reading each of these blogs.  They deal with grief, anger, frustration, despair, self-harm, suicide…to me they are true examples of writing for therapy, just getting it out.  Yet, I can identify with each one in many ways, from descriptions of the Hell of ‘living for the next appointment’ to being completely reliant on the contents of my bedroom to get from one day to the next (laptop, music, art materials…).

Last but not least there is, which I stumbled on only recently.  However, I immediately took notice because there are some posts that, quite literally, could have been written about me.  From descriptions of ED habits that remain long after we regain a healthy weight (I like to count out 35 raisins to put in my Weetabix each morning) to reflections that people must have no idea that their off-the-cuff comments may stick for years, or forever.  This is an eloquent, articulate and heartfelt account of life with MH which I can’t recommend highly enough.

So there you go – my favourite blogs.  Please go and check them out…but keep reading mine too!!


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