An Altogether Different Medium

In my previous post, Day 2, I mentioned that I had started playing around with art.  To reiterate what I said in Day 2, I have never been good at, nor have I been interested in being good at, art.  In school, I would sit for entire lessons and do nothing, getting more and more stressed by the fact that everyone else seemed perfectly capable of drawing the apple in front of us, while I just yearned for the Maths and Science classrooms where I might sit inconspicuously with my text book and attract no attention.  How could one express oneself simply by drawing an apple?

Anyway, I digress.  As I said, I have been drawing bits and pieces mainly as a distraction tool, to keep my hands occupied.  But, to my surprise, I have actually been enjoying it a lot and have therefore challenged myself to convey some of my thoughts and feelings in drawings.  Here is a sample of some of my latest efforts:011



Like I said, I’m no artist, and the quality of the uploads is a bit sketchy.  But I’d like to think I’ve managed to make my point.  What do you think?


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