On a Lighter Note…

Since my front page states very clearly that I try not to let my illness define me, I thought I’d lighten the tone a bit and offer up some ‘facts’ about myself:

I have been a student with the Open University since 2009 though, for health reasons, have yet to gain any kind of qualification.  To begin with, I was aiming for a MSc in Maths but have since started to dabble with a bit of Physics (I know, imagine getting stuck beside me at a wedding!!).  I had a module deferred last year after relapsing in January, but hope to be well enough to resume it this October.

I keep tropical fish.  I started off getting a small tank with a water feature on top to give me something to look at other than the walls of my bedroom.  However, I have since grown quite keen and would love to make room for a larger tank that would hold a greater number/variety of fish.

I love reading.  My favourite author is Stephen King and I’ve read most of his early ‘classics’ more than once (does that make me weird??), but I’ll read anything really.  There was a period of a couple of years where I had neither the concentration nor the patience to read, but thanks to a nifty ‘Mindfulness’ trick, I’m slowly rediscovering my passion for books…or the kindle!  Any book recommendations would be gratefully taken on board and I’d be happy to offer my own in return.

I enjoy walking.  In 2004 I walked the West Highland Way, a long-distance footpath that runs through the Western Highlands (obviously) in Scotland, from Milngavie to Fort William (95 miles).  I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who likes hillwalking as you would bear witness to some of the most naturally stunning scenery in the world – in my opinion anyway.

I live with my parents and younger brother.  There are times when they have just as rough a time as me (I know I’m not always easy to be around), but they have always been there and I know I can depend on them in future.  I realise how lucky this makes me and I never take it for granted.  I also have a sister who lives nearby and with whom I am also close – again, I don’t take this for granted.

Anyway, I just wanted to prove that I’m more than a depressed bundle of nerves, or at least I can be…at times…or I was…in another life.  Feel free to comment or ask questions!



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